Gourmet Garlic Sampler 1lb. – Hardneck

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Gourmet Garlic Sampler 1lb. – Hardneck

  • 1lb. Hardneck Garlic
  • 7-9 bulbs
  • 3-5 different varieties
  • 50-80 cloves (yield 50-80 bulbs next summer if planted)
  • Plants 25-40 linear feet or 4X4 Raised bed
  • Usually includes a porcelain, purple stripe, rocambole families of garlic
  • These families have long to short storage life, so  you can harvest summer garlic and store until early spring.
  • Multiple bulb sizes so you can try 3-5 different types
  • Each cultivar is labeled and bagged like the picture

1 pound of 3-5 different Gourmet Heirloom HARDNECK garlic cultivars that you will see sold on our website. With the 7-9 Garlic bulbs, you will have about 50-80 cloves and will plant 25-40 linear feet or a 4×4 garden bed with a few cloves to spare.  To get you more garlic varieties, they are 1.75″- 2″+ bulbs, so you can try the different types of garlic. Each garlic cultivar is labeled and bagged. We will also try to send garlic that have short to long storing self life, so you can have garlic until Spring. The sampler packages are great for eating or planting.

If you only want jumbo sized garlic please choose the planting sampler packages as this has a range of sizes which all can be planted, but if you only want large bulbs please choose them. Each garlic cultivar is labeled and bagged. We will also try to send garlic that have short to long storing self life, so you can have garlic until Spring.

Since we customize the varieties in this sampler pack for your region while sending the best garlic of the season, we don’t track which varieties you will receive.  Each bag is labeled for you with the variety.  Please keep the labels and properly label the garlic in your garden when you plant.  We do have great markers that track all garden veggies. These will be some of the best garden veggie markers and you will have them for years.  We get calls every year where customers lose track of the garlic they planted.  We can make guesses, but we will not know for sure the garlic you grew.  These are custom packages for you, so please keep track of your garlic varieties.  Maps of your planted garlic are helpful too!



This a great variety pack for eating too!

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1 review for Gourmet Garlic Sampler 1lb. – Hardneck

  1. bigdan (verified owner)

    Every year my mother asks me to get this for her for mothers day, and I do. She and my entire family love it, especially since she grows it and adds it to her foods! This will be the 10th year I have ordered this for her.

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