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Why Keene Garlic?

We offer organically grown garlic with unique heirloom varieties for culinary and planting uses. Our Wisconsin garlic farm in collaboration with other small local family farms allow us to proudly serve only US grown garlic. This unity allows us to provide exceptional quality garlic grown by small, local, organic family farms around Wisconsin to give you the experience of flavorful gourmet garlic while sustaining our organic family farms.

  • We are the premier online store for buying garlic for culinary and planting uses from small quantities, sampler packages, wholesale, and bulk for the chef, gardener, and farmer.
  • Certified Organic and Naturally Grown. Meeting food quality safety standards.  All our garlic can be eaten or planted.
  • Our gourmet garlic cannot be found many other places like the grocery stores, big box stores, or Amazon.
  • Our garlic plants produce some of the best seed stock for growing garlic for gardeners and farmers.
  • Officially approved by Martha Stewart's Good Things. Martha Stewart has been growing Keene Garlic on her farms for 10 years.
  • Our garlic fields are tested annually for pests and diseases and this is part of our strategy to bring you exceptional quality garlic.
  • We’re a small family business, owned and operated by Keene, his wife, and sons with loyal and exceptional part time staff
  • We make garlic easy to grow by offering our decades of experience to our customers.
  • Our heirloom varieties have generational lineage and traceability back hundreds of years.
  • Garlic is a nutritious superfood, with multiple health benefits, and medical properties.
  • Keene Garlic produces the best tasting seasonings with our homegrown garlic. The flavor of our garlic seasonings is exceptional and not found in grocery stores.
  • Keene Garlic has grown making collaborations with local farmers or Made in the USA companies offering potatoes, onions, fertilizer, garden tools.

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Question of the Week: My garlic sprouted this fall. What should I do? 🌱

This is quite common due to the unpredictability of fall weather, as garlic tends to sprout when temperatures are too warm. However, if your garlic sprouts after planting, there`s no need to be concerned.

Depending on your climate, the green shoots will either die back and regrow in the spring or stay dormant and green through the winter, resuming growth as temperatures rise. Our goal in the fall is to establish strong roots. While seeing green growth is not ideal, if it does occur, you can still expect a successful harvest in the summer.

Here are a couple of recommendations:

1) Provide extra protection for your garlic by applying an additional layer of mulch over the green sprouts.
2) When spring arrives, stay on top of weeding, fertilizing, and watering to further ensure the development of big bulbs.

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Indulge us for a moment...is there anything more beautiful than garlic!? 🧄

We are so blown away by all the gorgeous planting photos we`ve been receiving this year. We put a lot of care into growing top-quality garlic for you, and it`s incredibly rewarding to see your enthusiasm for planting it.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our amazing customers - your support keeps us going. And to Erica, a special shoutout for capturing this moment so beautifully! ❤️

📸: @heels2homestead

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Happy Wellness Wednesday! ✨

With cold and flu season approaching, it`s important to stay on top of your wellness routine. Did you know that garlic is a powerful natural remedy? Learn more! 👇

1. Immune System Support 🛡️

Garlic has antiviral properties, giving your immune system a boost to help fight off colds and the flu.

2. Heart Health ❤️

Studies have shown that garlic can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease and promoting overall wellness.

3. Antibiotic Benefits 🌱

Raw garlic is a potent natural antibiotic and, while far less strong than modern antibiotics, can still kill some strains of bacteria that have become immune or resistant to modern antibiotics.

4. Detoxification and Digestion 🍽️

Garlic supports the body`s natural detoxification process and promotes healthy digestion.

5. Nutrient Powerhouse 🌟

Garlic is a rich source of several essential nutrients, including vitamins C and B6, manganese, and selenium.

So, stay healthy and strong this winter by incorporating garlic into your meals. Your immune system will thank you!

P.S. While garlic is a fantastic addition to your diet, this isn`t medical advice – just some helpful info! ❤

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"An organic flatbread that`s gonna knock your socca`s off!" 🫓

Socca, a traditional flatbread from France, is made from chickpea flour! It`s gluten-free, vegan, and full of delicious garlicky flavor. 🧄

Thank you to Angel @mostly_organic_life for sharing this recipe with us! ❤️

Check out our garlic seasonings at: https://keeneorganics.com/product-category/100-pure-granulated-garlic-powder/


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From knitting ➡️ planting garlic 🧶🧄

Amy Jo planted 125 lbs of garlic this year! Her family lives in a house in the woods on a lake in SW Michigan. They are very thankful to live in a beautiful area where they can expose their kids to nature, gardening, and more. ❤️

📸: @lowerpeninsulaknits

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It`s time to tuck your garlic in for winter! 💤

As winter approaches, it`s time to give your garlic the cozy bed it deserves! Mulching acts as a warm blanket, protecting your garlic from the chill and frost. It prevents those heaving cycles that could disturb your cloves, plus, it keeps the soil moist, fights off weeds, and nurtures healthy growth.


1) Choose Your Mulch: Whether it`s clean straw, chopped leaves, grass clippings, or wood chips – pick what`s available and abundant.
2) Apply Generously: Lay down your chosen mulch, making sure it`s 3-6 inches deep.
3) Spring Check-In: As the snow melts, peek beneath the mulch to see those green shoots peeking through. If needed, gently help them find their way.

So, grab your mulch and start tucking in that garlic. Your garden will thank you later! ❤

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Meet Mailonie, a garden consultant from New Jersey! 👋

Russian Red is just one of several garlic varieties that she planted this year. She said, "I love that growing garlic is one way to keep the garden growing all year long! So excited to harvest these next summer!" 🧄

Thank you for all that you do to help others grow their own food. ❤

📸: @edens_waygc

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We were recently visited by @aliceindairyland! 👑

"To serve in the role of Alice in Dairyland, as the official ambassador of Wisconsin`s abundant and diverse agriculture industry, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, " said Ashley Hagenow. ✨

Each year, Alice in Dairyland travels more than 30,000 miles throughout the state, promoting Wisconsin agriculture. We are so honored that she stopped by to learn about our Wisconsin-grown garlic! 🧄

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Preserving the Harvest 🧄🍯

We love seeing the creations you all make with your homegrown garlic. With this year`s harvest, Mary @jammn filled her pantry with so many fun things! 👇

🔸Fire cider
🔸Fermented honey garlic
🔸Basil & garlic seasoning salt
🔸Russian marinated tomatoes with garlic
🔸Fermented garlic scapes...& more!

It`s time to start preserving your garlic harvest because, unfortunately, it won`t last forever. We hope you enjoy this inspiration, and we would love to hear about your favorite preservation methods in the comments! ❤

📸: @jammn

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As the holiday season approaches, there`s nothing like the warm aroma of home-cooked meals and the joy of sharing delicious food with loved ones. ❤

This holiday season, let Keene Garlic be your partner in creating unforgettable meals, filled with the warmth and goodness of organic, homegrown garlic. 🍽

Our seasonings are:

✔️full of garlicky goodness
✔️crafted in small batches
✔️made with love

Learn more at the "seasonings" link in our bio.

P.S. They ship free! 📦


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Did you know that hardneck garlic has a limited storage life? 🍂

Most of our hardneck garlic is now around 4 months old and reaching the end of its natural lifespan. If you haven`t planted your garlic yet, we can no longer guarantee its quality, as it`s starting to naturally deteriorate.

Moving forward, we won`t be able to issue refunds for this year`s harvest. Garlic naturally deteriorates over time, and it`s important to either plant it or consume it now. Beyond the 4-month mark, garlic begins to dehydrate, shrivel, and turn brown, indicating a decline in its peak quality. This doesn`t mean the garlic is bad or diseased; like all produce, it undergoes natural breakdown processes. If you`re consuming fresh, wholesome foods, it should naturally rot!

Your own homegrown garlic may last longer, especially if it hasn`t been shipped, which can shorten its storage life. By storing it properly, you can extend its freshness. For tips on maximizing the storage life of your garlic, please refer to the "storing garlic" link in our bio. 👍

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Martha Stewart`s garlic crop is planted! 🧄

"Every year, we plant a big crop of garlic from Keene Garlic, a family owned farm in Wisconsin. I have been planting Keene Organics garlic for several years and am always so pleased with their growth and taste."

Thank you to @ryanmccallister1, Head Gardener for Martha Stewart, for sharing so many lovely planting photos with us every year. ❤

Read the full blog at the link in our bio!

Photo Credit: The Martha Stewart Blog
Pictured: @ryanmccallister1

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In case you missed it, Keene Garlic was recently featured on our local news channel! 📰

Our team talked about what makes homegrown garlic so special, and even demonstrated how to plant in the fall! Thank you so much to the crew @channel3000 for visiting us and sharing our story. ❤

Watch our segment at the link in our bio!

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Do you live in the sunshine state? ☀️

@hollisnancyshomestead recently posted another YouTube video about growing garlic in Florida. From planting to harvest, see how they successfully grew three different varieties of our heirloom garlic! 🧄

P.S. There is still plenty of time for planting (especially if you live in a southern state) and we still have some great varieties available on our website!

Watch the video and order fall garlic at the links in our bio 👆

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We have some beautiful Chesnok Red remaining for the season! 🧄

This variety is popular for many reasons:

1) It’s our favorite roasting garlic, with a rich sweet flavor. ❤️
2) It grows and performs very well throughout the entire country. ❄️☀️
3) It’s absolutely stunning! ✨

Get yours before it’s gone at the “fall garlic bulbs” link in our bio.

📸: @imlorenamiller planting Chesnok Red in her garden!

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Happy Halloween! 🎃

Have you ever considered carving garlic instead of pumpkins? Maybe we will give it a try 🤔

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Give the gift of flavor and food! Your recipient will be able to purchase all the items need to grow great garlic. We also have a great line of Garlic Seasoning, Organic Fertilizer and garden tools.