Spring Garlic Fertilizing

Garlic is a heavy feeder and with it being a long season crop, you will want to make sure it has plenty of nutrients to draw from.  A good fertilization in the fall goes a long way to get your garlic some food during the winter.  Once spring comes, you will want to continue to fertilize your garlic to produce a healthier plant and bulbs and increase bulb size. 

Once the snow melts, we recommend side dressing or broadcasting our organic fertilizer over your entire bed.  We have a special blend of Organic Garlic Fertilizer 5-2-2-1s.  This is a special blended for us Wisconsin Garlic growers by our local organic fertilizer company that has provided our fertilizer for over a decade.  It is high in nitrogen from pelleted chicken compost and feather meal, which is what garlic needs in the spring.  Our organic fertilizer also includes micohume which is a micro-nutrient that includes calcium, sulfate sulfur and humates in a granule form to provide a multi-nutrient delivery system so essential nutrients of copper, manganese, zinc and sulfur get absorbed by the garlic plant.  Garlic (and most veggies) needs these micro-nutrients which is usually missing from our soils.  The Intrepid Trio adds potash magnesia which allows potassium, sulfur, and magnesium to be delivered to the plant when needed.  SuperCal is soluble calcium and sulfate sulfur to improve soil structure, aeration, and drainage which also improves seed emergence.  Since garlic is a heavy feeder looking for nutrients from the soil, our garlic fertilizer allows these extra nutrients to be picked up by the plant to feed it though its life cycle to give your plants the extra micro-nutrients that we also want from our food that seems to be missing from the soil these days.

Organic Garlic Fertilizer – Custom Blend

How to apply our organic garlic fertilizer:

In Wisconsin, in late March and Early April we will have a bit of snow on the frozen ground where our garlic sprouts are starting to poke through the mulch. We like to broadcast our first application of fertilizer at this time, because as the snow melts and we start to get early spring rains the fertilizer breaks down in the soil and the nutrients get released to the plant.  We will apply fertilizer based on the application rate about every 3-4 times per season or every 2 weeks hopefully before a rain (which allows the fertilizer to break down and get to the plant).  1 week before you start to see the garlic scape emerge, STOP fertilizing.  The bulb is going to start to form and it does not need any further fertilizer.  Once the scapes starts to curl, snap it off the plant, so the energy can go into producing a larger bulb. 

How to foliar feed garlic:

We also like to add a foliar feeding of Purple Cow Organics CX1 and Supercharger. These products are amazing and I have not seen any other comparable organic fertilizers as good as what Purple Cow Organic produces. Their formulas add additional biological as well as minerals directly to the plants with its bio-active nutrients. The plant picks these nutrients up right away, so the bulbs become healthier plants with a higher nutrient level and it helps increase bulb size. It is recommend to micro dose the fertilizer by foliar feeding the garlic using 1/2 the application rate on the CX1 and Supercharger and spraying the garlic IN THE EVENING every 7 days. Professional growers that use CX1 and Supercharger see significant increase in yield. All our fertilizers can be used for all fruits and veggies in your garden. By purchasing our complete fertilization package and our organic garlic fertilizer, you should be able to fertilizer your garden for the season as a little bit goes a long way, so they are a great buy.

Spring Garlic Fertilization Keene Garlic
Spring Garlic Fertilization Keene Garlic
Keene Foliar Feeding our Garlic Field in 2008. As seen on the Documentary GMO OMG!
Keene Garlic Harvesting Garlic
Keene Garlic Harvesting Jumbo Sized Garlic Bulbs


  1. Linda Dowling on January 25, 2021 at 3:32 pm

    I live in Peachtree City Georgia, an hour south of Atlanta. I planted the bulbs(with 10-10-10) I bought from you in the fall. The foliage is growing, about 10-12”, not tall just long leaves that lay on top of the soil. I wanted to know when would I fertilize this spring? I plan to buy what I need from you..
    Please advice! Thank you ,
    Linda Dowling

    • Keene on January 31, 2021 at 7:26 am

      You can start to fertilize now and apply fertilizer every 10-14 days until 1 week before the scapes start to come in June. You can purchase our Organic garlic fertilizer which can be broadcasted over the garlic which is the easiest. This fertilizer is also good for other allium crop as well as the rest of your garden. If you also wanted to add a foliar feeding to your garlic and your entire garden, I would recommend our Purple Cow Fertilization package which will fertilize your garlic and your entire garden for the season. Purple Cow is a great multipurpose for your entire garden, so you can decide which one will work for you over all.

  2. Sue on May 1, 2022 at 7:02 am

    Would bone meal or 20-20-20 be a good fertilizer for garlic in the Spring.

  3. stamperwithdayjob on March 29, 2023 at 8:15 pm

    I ordered your garlic fertilizer today to fertilize my spring garlic coming up. As you know here in Wisconsin they are still predicting snow for this coming weekend. My question is when I fertilize, do I need to uncover any of my garlic. I have it pretty heavily mulched with straw right now, but I do see it peeking up through the straw. It sounds like it’s a dry fertilize that I just spread out, and it’s supposed to rain next week so I could then let the rain water it in? As a small backyard gardener, some of the info is a little overwhelming and confusing to me. Thank you for your help. I love that I can support Wisconsin farms.

  4. Molly Halstead on May 26, 2023 at 9:11 am

    I am new to the garlic world and didn’t realize that I should have fertilized it. My garden is rich in compost and donkey manure. Would this be enough to get me through until harvest? And is it too late? Thanks for any help! Oh, when should I expect to harvest my fall garlic? 4th of July time?

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