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Garlic cloves to plant with a Mid-October shipping.  These cloves will arrive right before planting time. FREE SHIPPING!

20 Garlic Cloves (10 cloves of 2 types)! Free Shipping!  Ships in Mid-Late October!

Large planting cloves of  2 varieties that we choose that will grow well in your region. We are doing the breaking into cloves for you, and getting cloves fresh peeled, so you can plant immediately.

20 cloves need about 10 linear feet with a 6 inch spacing or in a 4×4 garden bed it would fill up 2.5 rows with 6 inch diameter spacing with 8 cloves per row leaving some room for other garden items.

GARLIC CLOVES that will be labeled and in their own bag and ready to plant with 2 varieties that will grow in your region.

At the end of the season, we will have some bulbs that have a nick or bruise on one clove and we can’t ship that to customers. So right before shipping to you, we will separate the cloves from the bulbs bag and label them.  They are shipped to you for a quick plant. We can’ take special requests. As  you can see we have quite a few varieties to choose from, and it could be from any of them.  Our goal is to get you great tasting, easy to grow garlic, at a great price.

These items will start shipping after October 15 to 31st which is prime planting time for most of us.  You may need to allow extra processing time to ship garlic so we can crack the cloves for you, but give us your plant date and we will work with it. If we run out of time breaking the bulbs into cloves we will get you the equivalent if not more in amount of  bulbs.  Only ships in Mid-October at planting time.  If you choose other garlic in your order, they will ship together in Mid October.


Note: Garlic is an agricultural crop that is subject to crop loss due to conditions beyond our control. This can even occur in the curing stage. We check each bulb before shipping them to you, so if there are any quality issues, we may need to substitute. We rarely need to do this, but it does happen. If it is necessary, we will substitute with a similar garlic, but if you have any comments on this please fill out the comment section like a back up garlic or no substitutions. We still want to get you some great garlic, so please choose how you would like us to proceed with your order if the item you ordered is not available. We do set aside some great garlic in case we do have to substitute garlic!

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