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Asian Tempest, Hard-neck Asiatic, is a great growing Asiatic garlic with wonderful HOT flavor. Originally from South Korea and is positively wonderful great tasting HOT garlic with great storage life. It is breathtaking if eaten raw. Asian Tempest grows well in Northern States, but does extremely well in Southern states. It is an earlier harvesting garlic. Averages about 5-6 large cloves per bulb.

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Keene Garlic Fertilizer 5-2-2-1

Garlic Fertilizer 5-2-2-1

Why Keene Garlic?

We offer organically grown garlic with unique heirloom varieties for culinary and planting uses. Our Wisconsin garlic farm in collaboration with other small local family farms allow us to proudly serve only US grown garlic. This unity allows us to provide exceptional quality garlic grown by small, local, organic family farms around Wisconsin to give you the experience of flavorful gourmet garlic while sustaining our organic family farms.

  • We are the premier online store for buying garlic for culinary and planting uses from small quantities, sampler packages, wholesale, and bulk for the chef, gardener, and farmer.
  • Certified Organic and Naturally Grown. Meeting food quality safety standards.  All our garlic can be eaten or planted.
  • Our gourmet garlic cannot be found many other places like the grocery stores, big box stores, or Amazon.
  • Our garlic plants produce some of the best seed stock for growing garlic for gardeners and farmers.
  • Officially approved by Martha Stewart's Good Things. Martha Stewart has been growing Keene Garlic on her farms for 10 years.
  • Our garlic fields are tested annually for pests and diseases and this is part of our strategy to bring you exceptional quality garlic.
  • We’re a small family business, owned and operated by Keene, his wife, and sons with loyal and exceptional part time staff
  • We make garlic easy to grow by offering our decades of experience to our customers.
  • Our heirloom varieties have generational lineage and traceability back hundreds of years.
  • Garlic is a nutritious superfood, with multiple health benefits, and medical properties.
  • Keene Garlic produces the best tasting seasonings with our homegrown garlic. The flavor of our garlic seasonings is exceptional and not found in grocery stores.
  • Keene Garlic has grown making collaborations with local farmers or Made in the USA companies offering potatoes, onions, fertilizer, garden tools.

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🔔🚨 Last call for garlic scapes!!

Today we will be in the fields picking the last of our delicious garlic scapes. If you’re looking to order some, this is your last chance for the season.

Our scapes are hand-picked with love and shipped fresh to your doorstep. Free shipping! 📦

Order at the “fresh garlic scapes” link in our bio

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A gorgeous garlic harvest from @peifferchristine 🧄

On the left is Chesnok Red, and on the right is German Extra Hardy. Those happen to be two of our absolute favorite varieties! ❤️

We hope you enjoy your harvest, Christine. Thank you for supporting our family business.

P.S. Chesnok Red and German Extra Hardy are available for fall pre-orders on our website! 📦

Reserve yours at the “fall garlic bulbs” link in our bio.

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Wondering how to store your garlic scapes? Here are a couple methods!

1) R E F R I G E R A T O R

After harvesting your scapes, put them in a plastic bag and fold it over. This will allow some of the condensation to escape but also keep the scapes slightly moist so they don`t dry out. Then, put the bag in the crisper drawer. We`ve been able to get them to store for months like this, but of course, monitor them so they don`t go bad.

2) F R E E Z I N G

Wash and dry the scapes, cut to the size that you want, put them in a bag, and freeze. We vacuum seal ours, but you can also use a normal freezer bag. Also, they can be blanched, but it is not necessary.

... M O R E

Garlic scapes can also be dehydrated, freeze-dried, and pickled. Do some research and find recipes that work for you, and you`ll be able to enjoy the fresh taste of scapes year round! 💚

Visit the "garlic scape recipes" link in our bio to learn more!

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How much should I water my garlic after picking scapes? 💧

At this point, garlic is very sensitive to overwatering. It can be very easy for the garlic to rot or for the wrappers to break open if there is a sudden onset of too much rain or watering.

We want to keep the soil lightly moist and start letting it dry out a few days before harvest. Some people say to stop watering your garlic after it scapes, but since this is the period when your garlic bulbs out, it does need moisture. We just don`t want TOO much moisture. 🙂✨

For more info, visit the "harvesting garlic" link in our bio!

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Check out this method for preserving your garlic scapes!! Thanks to @meetusinourgarden 🙂

“Freezing herbs in oil is a great way to preserve their flavor since their fragrance and taste come from oils in the plant.

Here I am using olive oil to preserve chopped up garlic scapes and freezing them. You can also do this flat but someone gifted me these fun silicone trays so why not!

Last season I just popped them in a bag and froze them. They were great for cooking and for pesto but they lacked flavor and we were bummed. As it is, I feel like they loose soooo much flavor when you cook them.

We freeze other herbs in oils too so might as well do the scapes the same way.

🌻Follow @meetusinourgarden to learn how to plant, grow, and make from your backyard too!🌻”

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Did you know you can eat garlic before it`s cured? 🧄

One of the benefits of growing your own garlic is the opportunity to eat it when it`s freshly picked. The flavor of fresh garlic is slightly milder but has a nice juicy flavor.

Of course, we still recommend curing your garlic for full flavor development and long storage. But, this is a cool experience, and it`s perfect if you`re having a hard time being patient to try your garlic! 😉

P.S. For info on curing, visit the "curing garlic" link in our bio!!

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How much should I water my garlic? In this video, Cindy shows how to check your soil and know when your garlic should be watered. 🧄💧 ...

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📍Westlake Village, CA

These were grown by Bram, one of our longtime customers. He grows Early Italian Softneck from us each year. 🧄

"I harvested a few bulbs today...and I haven’t harvested the biggest ones yet...! I planted the best of your seed cloves where I have planted every year. But I had too many cloves left over and planted the remainder in raised beds on the other side of my yard. I learned that where I have been planting before didn’t get as much sun as these raised beds. So, apparently, the sun made the difference. I can’t wait to plant again this fall, now that I learned from this experience." - Bram

Thank you for sharing this experience, Bram. This shows that even if you`ve been growing garlic for years, there`s always something new to learn. 🙂

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I forgot to pick my garlic scapes…now what do I do? ...

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To make garlic scape salt, chop up garlic scapes in a food processor and mix in a large bowl with an equal amount of coarse Himalayan pink salt. Then, dehydrate for 24-36 hours until completely dry.

Put in a seasoning jar with a grinder top and add to all of your favorite dishes for a wonderful spark of mild garlic flavor!

....or let us do the work 🙂...visit the "seasonings" link in our bio to check out our delicious garlic scape seasonings!

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"This is my first time planting shallots in the garden, which went in last October with the garlic. Looks to be a successful addition to the garden!" - @purple_bumblebee_gardening 🐝

If you planted shallots, how are yours doing? Share your pictures with us so we can see!! 🙂

P.S. For more info on growing shallots, visit the "how to grow shallots" link in our bio!!

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Woohoo! In this video from one of our customers, you can see that Keene Garlic has an excellent germination rate. More germination = more garlic = more happiness! 😉🧄 ...

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Aren`t these scapes just dreamy? 😌☁️

Bring this touch of magic to your kitchen! Order now and infuse your meals with the fresh, vibrant flavors of spring. Don`t miss out—these are very seasonal and won`t be around for long! ✨

Order yours at the "fresh garlic scapes" link in our bio.

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Did you know?

If you didn`t pick your garlic scapes, they are a great indicator of harvest time. If your garlic scapes are at this stage, it`s too late to pick them as they`ve become fibrous hard stems. So, keep them on, and when they point straight to the sky, it`s time to harvest your garlic!!

P.S. It`s okay if you didn`t pick your scapes. We do recommend picking them because it allows the plant to direct more energy into the bulb, but you will still have a beautiful harvest. Next year, try to remember to pick your scapes when they first emerge and curl. 🙂

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Garlic Scape Hummus 🌱

2 cans of chickpeas, drained
1 cup sesame seeds or tahini
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/2 cup fresh chopped garlic scapes

Place the ingredients in a food processor until a thick paste forms. Add salt and freshly cracked black pepper to taste!

P.S. We have organic, farm-fresh garlic scapes for sale! Place your order at the "fresh garlic scapes" link in our bio 🙂


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For more harvesting tips, visit www.keeneorganics.com 🧄❤️ ...

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Question of the Week: When should I harvest my garlic? 🧄

This picture shows a garlic plant that`s about 1 week away from the ideal harvest time. It`s meeting a lot of the criteria that we typically look for. However, in this case, we would give it another week or so to allow the bulb to size up and let a couple more leaves die back. Remember, our goal is to grow big bulbs, so we want to give them a chance to grow!

If you`re growing hardneck garlic, aim to harvest about 3-4 weeks after picking your scapes. If you`d like, you can leave a couple of scapes on (once they point to the sky, you`ll know that harvest time is near.)

If you`re getting really close to harvest time and get multiple days of heavy rain in a row, keep an eye on your garlic. If you see any signs of saturated soil, you may want to harvest so your bulbs don`t rot.

Over many years of growing garlic, you`ll get a feel for when it`s the right time to harvest. However, we`re always here to provide you with information and answer your questions. For more harvesting info, visit the "harvesting garlic" link in our bio!

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Garlic scapes are here!!! 🌱🧄

We REALLY love garlic scapes, but we`re nice, so we`ll share with you. 😉

💚 certified organic
💚 fresh and crisp
💚 harvested with love

Order yours today at the link in our bio!!

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Give the gift of flavor and food! Your recipient will be able to purchase all the items need to grow great garlic. We also have a great line of Garlic Seasoning, Organic Fertilizer and garden tools.