Green Garlic Seed for Spring Planting


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Green Garlic Seed for Spring Planting

  • Commonly known as Spring Garlic
  • A count of 15-20 bulbs, size 1/2-1″ small garlic bulbs
  • Mild garlic flavor
  • Many culinary uses just as you would with green onion
  • Offering includes choice of Certified Organic and Naturally Grown
  • Companion plant in gardens for natural pest control
  • Green Garlic Seed may come cleaned or dirty. Often our growers find it too time consuming to clean such small bulbs. Simply plant the whole bulb, dirt and all!

Green Garlic for Spring Planting also known as Spring Garlic is a gourmet treat with mild garlic flavor. Customers can expect Certified Organic or Naturally Grown, 1lb bag of small garlic bulbs sized approximately 1/2-1″, and ranges from 15-20 total bulbs in a pound. Our recommendation is to succession plant the whole bulb. Enjoy the green garlic favor all summer long.  The culinary uses of spring garlic are endless as you compliment your other garden produce with this mild garlic flavor. Green Garlic for Spring Planting can be cooked or eaten raw.  If you were curious about finding or selling these at markets, some growers offer them in bunches for less than five dollars. 

Growing Green Garlic

Many gardeners use green garlic as a companion plant to keep away pests.  Orchards love this concept around their fruit trees. Anticipate an emergence within 2-3 weeks as a bunch that is similar in appearance to a bunch of green onions.

Click here for more information about growing green garlic

Note: Garlic is an agricultural crop that is subject to crop loss due to conditions beyond our control. This can even occur in the curing stage. We check each bulb before shipping them to you. If there are any quality issues, we may need to substitute a similar variety. We rarely need to do this, but it does occasionally happen. As always, we want to you to receive great garlic, so please leave a comment when ordering to let us know how you would like to proceed if a substitution is necessary.

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