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Garlic for Fall Planting

Reserve your garlic now for shipment in the fall.  We will be shipping garlic starting Mid September per your choice of ship dates.

Garlic Bulbs for Fall Planting

Culinary Garlic

Certain culinary garlic packages will start shipping in early August to get you the eating and medicinal garlic as soon as possible after garlic has cured. Annually, garlic is harvested in late July.

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Bulk Garlic Seed

If you need bulk garlic seed for planting, see our bulk garlic packages.  You can choose the total amount you would like and choose the amount of each type of variety.  

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Keene Garlic Bulbs

When ordering from Keene Garlic:

  • We now offer flat rate shipping of $7.99 on each order.
  • Choose the type of garlic you would like and the size and quantity.  
  • To much to choose from? Order a garlic package and we help choose best growing garlic for you.
  • Garlic is harvested annually in July and shipped in the fall for planting.
  • Our garlic is home grown from small organic garlic farms who grow in nutrient rich organic soil to bring you the highest quality garlic bulbs.
  • We do ship our eating garlic packages in early August.
  • It is easy to buy 5lb. or 10lb. eating garlic packages to last you until spring annually.
  • When eating garlic for medicinal or culinary purposes, make sure it is heirloom organically grown garlic like ours.
  • Keene Garlic has started many new successful garlic farms with our excellent seed stock and customer service.
  • Early October is the best ship date for planting garlic.
  • Always order extra garlic, because you can always eat what you can't plant.
  • Have confidence in our company by looking at reviews and ratings from our customers.

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